How do you future proof your home with sustainable design?

The Ecovision 7 step approach

1. Get the orientation and solar passive design right, up front! Visit your home here.

zero energy home

2. Insulate the thermal envelope. This includes insulation in the cavity brick walls, double insulation in roofs, low E glass, sealing of doors and windows. For windows go to wers.

sustainable home building

3. Design in cross ventilation and ceiling fans to capture cooling breezes. Did you know an air speed of 0.5m per second equates to a 3 degree drop in temperature at relative humidity of 50 per cent!

4. Go Carbon Positive (produce more energy than you use) by adding technologies like solar hot water, solar PV, wind turbines, and energy efficient appliances.

solar power 

5. Conserve water. Include water tanks and feed in plumbing. Use water efficient products as seen here water rating.

water tank in Perth

6. Approach Carbon Neutral .
Begin to look at the source of materials to create a green specification. Visit climate friendly or eco specifier, This includes low toxicity materials and recycled materials. Ultimately we want to reduce our carbon footprint as well as create a healthy home as seen on this carbon offset guide.

7. Create a sustainable garden with sga online.

Veggie patch

Seven Steps to Sustainability
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