Got a subdivisable site? So how can you profit?

Very simple. You bring the site and we bring our developers expertise, including the detailed feasibility analysis, design and development approval and construction within the shortest possible time period.          

 We can construct many different kind of arrangements that are a win–win for you the client. The main ones  are:

              A.    We option  to purchase the property from you to allow sufficient time to gain planning  approval (DA) .

              B.     We enter  into a joint venture with you so that we develop the land for you so that you  also share in the developers profit. (*subject to passing a feasibility analysis)

The above arrangement may incorporate the building of one or more homes on the site to be retained by you the client. For example, if you have a four unit site which you wish to develop but wish to remain living at the property , we would use the same arrangement but build one of the homes for you and build and sell the other three.

We have many years of successful experience in developing land and creating highly saleable properties . In fact Ecovision Homes was originally conceived to be the builder for our own developments. We have many established and proven forms of contract that allows us the ability to achieve any outcome for you. Talk to us and we can construct an arrangement that suits your needs and makes you money.

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