Energy Sustainability

Having a well insulated, passive solar designed home with a high star rating is the most effective way to create:

  • Immediate benefits–immediate savings in energy costs up to 60%.
  • Short term benefits–Impending disclosure of the star rating means that a greater capital value may be assigned to homes with a higher star rating in the future.
  • Medium term–The ability to self generate enough power so as to be self sufficient (because of the smaller power requirements that go with a higher star rating).
  • Long term–Live within the carbon emission targets; be part of the solution, rather than part of the problem.

Energy sustainability features in Ecovision Homes:

  • Minimum 7 star rating ( of the which may result in a 60% energy saving compared to the average 3.5 star rated home)
  • Aircell insulation to brick cavities, Anticon or aircell insulation to roof, or construction using CSR Urbanform proprietary system
  • Comfortplus rated glass to all windows
  • Energy efficient appliances and lighting
  • Provision of electrical infrastructure to install a Photovoltaic system (by owner) and be a net energy producer into the grid

Water Sustainability

Benefits of water sustainability design:
In a drying climate and rapid population growth, pressure will continue to increase on the regions finite water resources. This will inevitably lead to both restrictions and the price rises for water.
Water conservation initiatives such as rainwater harvesting, grey water systems, water efficient appliances, and drip feed irrigation will lead to both cost savings and water independence.

Water sustainability features in Ecovision Homes:

  • Rain Water harvesting to 2x3000 Litre above ground tanks , plumbed for toilet, laundry and reticulation and expandable to underground tanks.
  • Provision of a greywater recycling system plumbed for reticulation.
  • Water efficient fittings and fixtures
  • Drip feed irrigation system connected to water tanks.
Seven Steps to Sustainability
A registered builder with a Waterwise award