We are building a network of environmentally like minded individuals, including environmental scientists, professionals and tradespeople. Many of these people are at the forefront of environmental sustainability in the world and particularly knowledgeable on local conditions.

We get together regularly over a drink, share inspirational ideas and discuss innovative solutions. Some are "outside the box" but this is exciting for all of us who have an interest in the environment and leading the way with new innovative solutions to sustainability. Many of the links on this site are to the websites of these organisations, businesses and people - view these environmental resources here.


Dixie in MalawiWe have a passion for both micro economic development and ecological conservation in the poorest regions of the world.

Whilst being involved with many projects, there is one particular project which excites us the most: the building of a model agricultural teaching village called Mtalimanja in Malawi, one of the poorest and aids ridden countries in the world.

The inspiration for the micro lending concept and village comes from a visionary African businessman called Napoleon Dzombe and is supported by many allied business people around the world. For more information on this wonderful and very successful initiative please visit Build a Village.

Ecovision Homes make a regular donation to build this village, we have completed a field trip there in 2008 and believe we are sharing in a sustainable model for the whole of Africa.

Seven Steps to Sustainability
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