After 20 years of experience both designing and engineering homes as well as working with many designers and architects, we have finetuned the design and construction process of a new house as follows:


design brief
Step 1: Create a design brief and budget to suit your individual requirements and capacity.
Step 2: Choose the architect and proceed with the overall design of your house for council submission for development planning approval (DA). This stage is a concept design only and should consist of floor plans, elevations and site plan. During this phase you will be working fairly closely with the architect and builder to establish the house design and keep costs within budget. The Architect and builder will also be working together especially if you choose the Urban form system of building.
Allow approximately two months.
Note: We have access to many architects/designers that will suit your style or budget including international award winning architects.
submit plans

Step 3: Submit for planning approval.
Possibly employ a planning consultant at this stage to expedite the process more quickly. Allow approximately two to six months depending on the level of compliance with the Residential Design Codes.

confirm costs
Step 4: Builder to confirm overall costing and provide quotation for construction.
detailed specification
Step 5: Proceed with detailed documentation either with architect or builders architectural draftsperson. Note that this stage can only be commenced prior to planning approval if the architect is confident that there will be no major design changes caused by non-compliance with the residential planning codes.
Builder or architect creates detailed specification of finishes. Allow approximately three months.
sign contract
Step 6: The builder and owner sign off on a fixed price building contract
submit detailed plans

Step 7: The builder submits detailed documentation to council for building licence (normally 2 to 6 weeks).

commence build

Step 8: Construction commences. Allow twelve to eighteen months.


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