26A McCleery St, Beaconsfield (new home designed and built by us).

Selling Price $750,000 in 2003

15 McCleery st Beaconsfield (Rebuild, addition and major renovation of a 120 year old derelict cottage).
Selling Price $400,000 in 2001

23 Samson St , Fremantle (3 units and heritage reconstruction of the front cottage)
Selling Price $1.2 million
sustainable heritage reconstructionsustainable heritage eco-friendly project

54A,B and C First Avenue Claremont (EcoVision project-managed this build which was recently completed and sold). 
Selling Price $3.6 million

48A and 48B Regent Avenue, Mt Pleasant (just commenced. Selling price approx. $1.5 million each.)

81 Gloster St, Subiaco (Two storey extension and renovation approax $400,000)

30A Solomon St Palmyra ( architect designed renovation $300,000)

65A Preston Pt Rd ( two storey 5x3 budget eco home for $350,000)

457 High St Fremantle (single storey architect designed heritage extension and renovation $300,000)

18 Ashburton Terrace Fremantle (Two story extension and renovation $400,000)

14 Chauncy St East Fremantle (2 storey architect designed luxury 8 star home $1.4 million)

22 Milne St Bicton (single storey architect designed home $800000)

Coming Soon!

Exciting new 8 to 9 star building concept in East Fremantle

Imagine no huge site works and bricks and render but A 250m2 home steel platform treading lightly on an established treescape. And supporting insulated concrete slabs with sandwich panel walls and gangnails trusses all erected in 2 months (Complete within 4 to 6 months) at a much smaller cost than traditional building. Stay posted. 

Seven Steps to Sustainability
A registered builder with a Waterwise award