Now it is winter. I find I have to check the weather reports when I go out because the house is always so much warmer than anywhere else I might go. I find I need to make sure I wear warmer clothes than I would ever consider wearing when I stay home. The expanse of north-facing windows, together with insulated walls and ceiling has meant that the sun comes in and warms the house and it stays warm all day.

We have used the air conditioner from time to time to warm the house, maybe twice a week in the really cold weather, and only to warm the house and then we turn it off. Summer time is the same. We do use the air conditioner, but only from time to time as the direction of the house, the cross-flow of air, and the insulation all serve to keep it cool and comfortable.

Thanks for your help and patience getting the design just right for my needs. You were a great source of ideas and I really felt like we were a team getting the plans ready. Your confidence and belief that we could do this job on my tight budget meant that I could finally have the house of my dreams.

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We were very happy with the final extension that ECOVISION built. In particular the quality workmanship achieved from the team of experienced tradesman resulted in very few workmanship issues as well as a high standard of finish. This was particularly important with the interior finishing where attention to detail differentiates a great job from an average job.

We were also very pleased with the project management of the job, finding the project manager very professional, quality focussed and a good customer communicator. There will always be some unknowns that are discovered as any renovation progresses and the years of experience of the project manager assisted greatly in working through these issues with us to produce a good outcome.

An additional benefit we discovered with ECOVISION was the in-house interior designer. We very much appreciated their input to help in the decision making process to define and refine design elements as well as to choose the final interior finishes.

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