The strength of Ecovision Homes lies in the focus we are able to give each project. We work closely with our clients through every step of the process to make sure they feel connected to their project and have ownership over the outcome. From developing the initial vision to handing over the keys at the completion of the build we provide guidance, insight and experience to ensure your custom home suits your custom lifestyle and needs.

Building a Unique Home for You and Your Site


Free initial Consultation

Contact us to organize a free initial consultation. In this obligation free meeting we are happy to talk to you about:
  • Your vision for the kind of home you’re looking to build
  • The way you’ll be living in and using your home
  • The location of your block and some ideas on how to best maximize its sustainability potential
  • Provide guidance around your budget

Concept design & site Inspection

We take your brief and produce a concept design taking into account:
  • Create a design brief and firm budget to suite your individual requirements
  • Visit your site and get a good understanding of its specific requirements
  • Create initial design drawings
  • Assist you in the completion of all development application documentation

Design development & planning application

With your input we develop your concept into a workable design:

  • Development of concept into finished design
  • Creation of engineering drawings
  • Energy assessment
  • Building approval application

Final design sign off and preparation of  contract

Once we have signed off on a the final design and spec it’s time to contract:
  • Sign off on final design
  • Confirmation of all approvals
  • Pre start site meeting
  • Contracting


Our team sets to work constructing your home and working with you to make it a home you’ll love.

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